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The Importance Of A Pass Plus Course

Here at Beverly Slater, we understand that driving can be a very nerve-wracking experience, especially for those who have recently passed their driving test. If you’re someone that feels anxious behind the wheel, whether you’ve just learned to drive and aren’t feeling confident, or you’ve taken a break from driving and feel like you need some support, our team is here to help.

Our pass plus course is designed to give unconfident drivers the support and help they need to feel confident behind the wheel. By improving your driving skills and being taught how to handle unfavourable situations such as adverse weather conditions, our qualified driving instructors can help you become the confident driver you were meant to be!

What is a pass plus course for? 

A pass plus course is a tailored course for individuals who aren’t confident in their driving abilities. Our pass plus course can teach you how to navigate situations such as motorway driving, driving in adverse weather conditions, and driving at night. We have a team of qualified driving instructors who will support our learning journey every step of the way.

Our course can effectively help you:

  • Enhance your driving skills
  • Build confidence
  • Help you overcome anxiety and fears

Who will benefit the most?

Below are the types of drivers who may benefit the most from a pass plus course. 

New drivers 

Facing the challenge of transitioning from a learner driver to an independent driver is no easy feat. Many new drivers struggle with becoming familiar with driving on their own. A pass plus course makes this transition less daunting, as new drivers will be supported in dealing with challenging situations. 

Our pass plus course provides new drivers with the opportunity to gain practical experience in dealing with challenging situations (such as motorway driving) in a controlled environment. This helps to boost their confidence and competence on the road.

Anxious drivers 

Our pass plus course can also help anxious drivers feel more confident on the road. Whether you’ve had a bad experience, or you feel anxiety around driving in general, we’re here to help. 

Our team can help you overcome certain fears you have surrounding driving, and help you get back on your feet and behind the wheel. We can address specific needs of anxious individuals and tailor the lessons to suit their needs.

When you book on to our pass plus driving course, you’ll get to work with an experienced instructor who understands your concerns and can help bolster your confidence. For more information about our pass plus course, contact our team today.

Can Driving Lessons Be Cancelled Due To Weather?

For many learner drivers and their guardians, the road to obtaining a driver’s licence is filled with anticipation, excitement, and, understandably, a bit of nervousness too! One significant concern that often surfaces, especially in regions of the UK prone to extreme weather conditions, is whether driving lessons can be cancelled due to bad weather, and if so, what steps should be taken next? 


In this blog post, we will explore what qualifies as bad weather, and provide guidance on what you can do if your scheduled driving lessons are cancelled due to adverse conditions.

What counts as bad weather? 

While a light rain won’t disrupt your scheduled driving lessons, several weather conditions are considered severe enough to warrant cancellation for safety reasons. These include: 

Heavy rainfall: Intense downpour reduces visibility and makes roads slippery, which poses a risk to inexperienced drivers, as well as other road users.

Snow and ice: Snowy and icy roads can lead to accidents, especially for experienced learner drivers. For safety reasons your lessons will be cancelled.

Thunder and lightning: Lightning storms pose a risk due to the heavy rainfall that accompanies it. If there is a predicted thunderstorm at the time of your driving lesson, it may be cancelled.

High winds: Strong winds can be particularly dangerous for drivers, risking control of the vehicle. 

Fog: Dense fog significantly reduces visibility, making it difficult for all drivers to see road signs, signals, and other vehicles. This is why cancelling lessons in these conditions is a must.

These conditions don’t just challenge the learner; they are also a risk to the instructor and other road users. Hence, driving schools like ourselves often err on the side of caution.

What to do if your lessons are cancelled

If your driving lessons are cancelled due to bad weather then there are several steps to be taken. Below are the following things you should do if you’re scheduled for driving lessons during adverse weather conditions

Check your driving school’s policy

Most driving schools will  have a detailed policy regarding the cancellation of lessons due to bad weather. Familiarising yourself with these policies can provide insight into how cancellations and the rescheduling of lessons are handled.

Stay in communication

Keep the lines of communication open with your driving instructor or the driving school. They can provide real-time updates on the situation and advise you on the next steps. Sometimes, the weather may clear up sooner than expected, allowing for the possibility of still having the lesson as planned.
If you’re looking to join a driving school, contact our team today.

The Importance Of A Good Driving Instructor

A good driving instructor plays a pivotal role in your experience as a learner driver. It’s important that driving instructors possess certain qualities and skills as they are helping shape individuals into safe, confident, and capable drivers. Here at Beverly Slater we employ highly responsible and exceptional driving instructors, as we understand the importance of a good driving instructor. 

If you’re wondering what makes a good driving instructor, keep reading. Below are some of the qualities to look out for, whether you’re looking to become a driving instructor or you’re a prospective student searching for a reliable instructor.

Safety First

A skilled driving instructor prioritises the safety of their students and others above all else. They teach learners the rules of the road, proper driving techniques, and hazard awareness to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on UK roads. Teaching safety information is of the utmost importance, good driving instructors place a lot of emphasis on this.

Knows how to build confidence 

Learning to drive can be daunting, especially for anxious drivers. A good instructor creates a supportive and encouraging learning environment, which helps nervous drives overcome anxieties and fears, effectively boosting their confidence through supportive driving lessons.

Can tailor lessons to each student

Every learner is unique, with different learning styles, abilities, and areas for improvement. A good driving instructor tailors their teaching to suit every individual student, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, ticking every box in order to give them the best chance at passing their driving test.

Communicates clearly and effectively

Another key skill a good driving instructor should have is the ability to communicate clearly. Driving instructors need to communicate instructions, feedback, and guidance clearly and in a way that’s easy for the student to understand. This ensures that learners grasp key skills efficiently and effectively.

Being a positive role model

When you become a driving instructor, you’ll serve as a role model for your students. You will need to demonstrate safe and proper driving to ensure your students adopt the same approach to driving. By setting a positive example you will be contributing to safer roads by teaching students the safe and proper way to drive.

In conclusion, good driving instructors are instrumental in keeping the roads safer for everyone through teaching safe and responsible driving to the new generation of drivers.
For more information about how to become a successful driving instructor, or driving lessons with reliable and skilled instructors, contact our team any time.

Why Learning to Drive Is an Excellent New Year Resolution

Making New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. We all start out full of good intentions and with life-changing plans, which, let’s face it, often fall at the first hurdle. This year, why not be different and resolve to do something which will really make a difference to your life – learn to drive.

Let’s run through some good reasons why you should make 2024 the year you take driving lessons.

Freedom and Independence

In many areas of the country, public transport provision is not exactly great, and considering the terrible storms we’ve had recently, the thought of standing at a bus stop or waiting for a taxi which may or may not turn up on time is not the best use of your time and effort. When you obtain your driver’s licence you will have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s going to work, out with friends or going on a spontaneous road trip, the ability to drive gives you flexibility to make plans. Independence beckons!

New Career?

Have you considered applying for a new job but been put off by the fact of being unable to get there on public transport?  Or are you looking at job opportunities which require a driving licence? Learning to drive can expand your employment options and make you more competitive in the job market. 

Open Up the UK

Driving lessons are the key which can open up a whole new world of exploration for you. Aside from being able to drive for a new job or uni place, learning to drive opens up opportunities to explore different parts of the country and visit places you wouldn’t be able to get to on public transport. Whether it’s visiting friends and family or discovering new places and new experiences, those driving lessons can open the door.

Helping the Family

Family responsibilities are often what dictates the need to learn to drive nowadays. When kids need to get to after-school activities or elderly parents have appointments or shopping trips to get to, being able to drive can be extremely helpful. The convenience and security of having your own transport and driving licence can give you peace of mind in knowing that your family members are being safely transported.

Help in Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation, the ability to drive can be crucial. Whether a medical emergency or some other urgent situation, being able to quickly and independently drive to a location to get help or help someone else can save crucial time.

Increase Your Confidence

Having driving lessons and obtaining your licence can provide a massive boost to your confidence and wellbeing. Learning to drive gives an enormous sense of accomplishment which can carry over into other areas of your life. Learning to drive involves acquiring a whole new set of skills and knowledge which can be extremely fulfilling.

If you’re ready to hit the road and take your first driving lesson, or return after a break from lessons, why not get in touch? We’re here to give you all the help you need to get you driving this year.