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Learning to drive is a life-changing skill that can give you a sense of freedom you’ve never had before but it can also be a little intimidating getting into a car as a prospective driver for the first time ever. Here at Beverly Slater, we know that whether you’re completely new to driving, or have had some previous driving experience maybe with another instructor, you’ll have your own unique needs when it comes to tuition. We treat each and every one of our learner drivers according to their unique needs, and whether you’re nervous or pretty confident, we find a way to bring out in you the best driver you can be.


We have the knowledge and experience needed to get you through your test, and we have successfully trained new drivers on the Pass Plus system, allowing them to feel even more confident on the roads and enabling them to drive safely wherever they choose to go. There’s never been a better time to learn to drive, and with Beverly Slater there’s never been a more unique approach to your specific driving needs. Simply call us on 0161 222 6006 or fill out the online contact form and start your driving journey with us today!

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