ADI Part 2 & ADI Part 3 Rescue Training

If you are struggling to pass your ADI Part 2 or ADI Part 3 test, then you should consider enrolling on Beverly Slater’s ADI Rescue Course.

Beverly Slater’s ADI Rescue is designed to help any trainee driving instructor who has been unsuccessful on their ADI Part 2 test or ADI Part 3 test. Your trainer for the new ADI Part 3 test will help you to identify and remedy any areas of development or misconception you have regarding the new ADI Part 3.

ADI Part 2 & 3 Rescue Course

you should consider whether you need a fresh approach with a fresh pair of eyes. You also need a trainer you can trust.

All of our training is strictly done on a 1-2-1 basis. There will be no other trainee in the car with you and you only pay for the training you receive. All of our trainers have years of experience in the driving instructor training industry and are fully qualified to deliver up to date training to the highest standard. 

We offer all of our new trainee’s an initial assessment session, so our trainers can determine the course you will need to successfully pass your ADI Part 2 or ADI Part 3.

Your training will be overseen by our senior trainer Claire Bracegirdle, a very successful driving instructor trainer with over 20 years experience. (Currently with a 100% success rate of the new ADI Part 3 Test which was introduced 23rd December 2017).

Features of Beverly Slater’s ADI Part 2 & 3 Rescue Course

    • Experienced specialist Driving Instructor Trainers with extensive knowledge of the qualifying tests and assessment criteria
    • All training conducted on a ONE to ONE basis
    • Training provided is ALL client centred
    • Understanding why you have failed is the first step to passing your Part 3 test
    • ADI Part 3 – understanding the marking sheet

Introductory offer:  Get your 1st 2 Hour Introductory Session for Only £75!

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