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About Us

Beverly Slater driving tuition was set up with every type of driver in mind. Speaking from experience, we know the difference a good driving instructor can make to your ability to drive. It’s not simply about getting through your test though. We take a holistic approach and work on confidence behind the wheel, the ability to foresee potential hazards, and your knowledge of road rules and regulations, leaving you not only having passed your test, but with the confidence and experience needed to be a good, safe driver.   We know some potential driving students approach their driving lessons with trepidation, and being nervous behind the wheel can lead to problems, which is why our approach is tailored towards reducing any fears and giving you the skills to be able to drive safely and feel confident that you know what you’re doing.   We pride ourselves on our successful learner drivers, and we’ve been on the receiving end of more than just a few compliments about our approach and teaching style. If you want to experience the difference a great driving instructor can bring, not only to your driving skills, but also to your confidence behind the wheel, then why not contact us to book your first lesson today.

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