Driving Lessons for Beginners

Here at Beverly Slater we specialise in providing the right type of driving lessons for beginners.

Learning to drive is an exciting time and will provide you a skill for life. Once you have made the decision to start your driving lessons, the most important thing you can do is ensure you find someone to teach you who not only has experience in teaching, but also has the ability to inspire you with confidence. No matter who you are or what age you choose to start driving lessons, it is very normal to feel nervous about this experience. Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be nerve-wracking and is a big responsibility.

Learning to drive with Beverly Slater
At Beverly Slater we will work to make sure that you are confident in your abilities and will provide you the confidence to take the skills and use them for the rest of your driving life. Working across your lessons to get you to a point where you are ready to take your driving test, to pass your test, and to provide you the skills to master the roads. Our years of experience in teaching and driving will ensure you feel at ease with your instructor and are learning all the necessary skills to pass your driving test.

If you’re nervous, don’t worry, we know taking driving lessons can be a big step and whilst some people approach it with confidence, others struggle to even get behind the wheel. We can take as much time as you need to make sure you’re confident with driving, and we can even make it fun for you. After all, having the freedom to get out and about is something that should be fun, and we aim to leave you not only a confident driver, but a happy one too. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, taking driving lessons with Beverly Slater driving school will ensure you get through your test with confidence, and we’ll give you handy hints and tips you can take with you wherever you choose to drive.

Theory Tests
Driving theory tests can often be more challenging for some people than the physical aspect of driving a car. In many situations we find students feeling confused with the information you have to study for this test. Using tried and tested techniques, we can help to make theory not only palatable, but fun too, and something you’ll remember for a long time after the exam. After all, this knowledge is important and will ensure you drive safely. Although many people don’t realise it, driving theory is one of the most vital parts of getting your licence, not only to satisfy the DVLA, but to ensure that you know what to do in situations you might not experience every day.

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Whatever your age or experience, taking driving lessons with Beverly Slater will ensure that you leave our school a competent, confident driver, able to handle your car with ease in a range of different situations.

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