Lapsed Learner Driving Lessons

For learners who have had a number of lessons but for whatever reason had to stop these and put them on pause, we will not make you start learning again from scratch. Lapsed leaner driving lessons will be tailored to your individual experience, whether you have had 5 lessons or 20 in the past. We will consider what you already know and ensure we cover everything you don’t so that you have the confidence to complete your driving test and pass!

Maybe you paused your lessons due to a lack of funds or COVID-19 put a stop to your plans, alternatively you may have cancelled lessons with an instructor who was not providing you the confidence you needed. Whatever the reason, we teach a number of lapsed learners each year and work with them all individually to ensure they achieve the pass they desperately would like to achieve.

Tackling your driving nerves
Nervous drivers often give up when the going gets a little tough. Here at Beverly Slater, we understand that you may have decided to stop your lessons because either you didn’t feel comfortable in the car, or because you felt you didn’t get on so well with your instructor. This is why we offer a friendly, honest approach, explaining everything you need to know about your car, the roads, and more importantly, really listening to how you feel about driving and why you may not have felt happy in a car before. Nerves are natural, but there may have been one stumbling block you couldn’t get over, such as parking, or hill starts, and we know that whilst you may have found these hurdles insurmountable, you can do it with time, patience, and practice.

Driving Theory Tests
The physical act of driving may not be the reason you didn’t pass your test. If you have been struggling with driving theory, this may mean you’ve given the whole thing up as a bad job before you even got to your test. At Beverly Slater Driving School we have tried and tested methods of teaching the rules of the road and hazard perception. We can take an approach tailored specifically to your style of learning. Once you feel confident with your theory, we’ll get that exam passed, and then proceed with your physical driving test. We are proud of our great pass success rate and have helped many nervous drivers pass their test. No matter what your worries may be about driving, at Beverly Slater we will work to get you through, providing you a great skill for life.

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