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Why You Should Begin Lapsed Learner Driving Lessons

Lapsed learner lessons are simply lessons designed to support drivers who are continuing with their lessons after a period of inactivity. Here at Beverly Slater, we offer bespoke lapsed learner driving lessons, tailored around you and your experience. It doesn’t matter how many lessons you’ve previously had, our expert driving instructors will plan your lessons according to what you already know, making getting back into learning to drive a simple and convenient process for you.

There are many advantages to taking lapsed learner driver lessons. If you’re interested in picking up where you left off, keep reading about the ways these types of driving lessons can benefit you. 

Skill retention

One major benefit of lapsed learner lessons is that they provide the opportunity to refresh your skills and knowledge, and bridge any gaps you may have. You will be able to retain any driving skills you currently have, whilst learning new skills and rules to add onto your existing knowledge. Retaining your acquired skills is very important if a significant amount of time has passed since you last had lessons. You need to learn a variety of skills and knowledge in order to pass both your theory test and practical test.

Boost your confidence

Confidence is vital when it comes to learning how to drive safely and efficiently. Lapsed learner driving lessons aim to boost your confidence behind the wheel, helping to ease you back into driving and being on the road. 

Gaining your confidence back when learning to drive is essential. Our lapsed learner lessons aim to bring back your confidence on the road, and prepare you for getting back behind the wheel. Our driving instructors are trained to help bridge gaps in your knowledge and push you towards your goal of becoming a licensed driver.

Adapting to new vehicles

With the current rise in electric vehicles, individuals who have taken an extended break from learning to drive may feel overwhelmed and confused on how to use different types of cars. There may also have been significant advances in technology since your previous lessons, which these lessons can help you become accustomed to.

Lapsed learner lessons allow individuals to gain proficiency in newer vehicles and technology, which is a great advantage to have.

Familiarising new traffic rules

Between now and your last driving lesson, there could have been a change to traffic rules and regulations. Lapsed learning lessons will address this and familiarise you with everything you need to know.
For more information about lapsed learner lessons and how to kickstart your driving lesson journey again, contact our friendly team today.