ADI Standards Check Training

ADI Standards Check are a necessary part of sustaining quality amongst driving instructors.

The aim of the Standards Check is for the DVSA examiner to evaluate your knowledge, understanding and the skills, that you as an instructor will need in order to deliver successful learning.

At Beverly Slater, we have specialist Driving Instructor Trainers with over 25 years of experience to help guide you through your ADI Standards Check.

Who Benefits from ADI Standards Check Training?

  • Standards Check training is for anyone who has just qualified as an ADI
  • ADI’s expecting a Standards Check
  • ADI’s who have already received an invitation for a Standards Check
  • ADI’s who need help to improve their grade

Beverly Slater’s ADI Standards Check Course

All training will be provided on a 1-2-1 ‘client centred’ basis, and include a mixture of:

  • In-car training
  • Observational
  • Understanding the Standards Check (SC1) form
  • Understanding what the DVSA examiners are looking for

If you are interested in Beverly Slater’s ADI Standards Check training, simply fill out the contact form found at the top of the page.


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