Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher driving lessons are perfect if you passed your test years ago, and haven’t been in a car since, or you’ve had a road accident and your confidence is low, whatever your scenario is, we will come up with a refresher plan to suit you and your needs. Here at Beverly Slater, we take the time to listen to your worries and we’ll soon have you feeling car-confident again with our friendly, caring, helpful instructors who have the experience and skills needed to get the best out of your driving abilities.

What is a Refresher Driving Lesson?
A refresher plan can be created to involve one or more sessions of driving with a fully trained driving instructor in a dual control vehicle. After which, there might be an opportunity to drive in your own vehicle with an instructor there with you. The refresher lessons themselves will usually be focused on roads you tend to frequent most regularly or in a particular area you would like to focus, this can include motorways. The instructor in this instance is on hand to provide you guidance, tips and their best advice to help improve your driving and increase your confidence behind the wheel.

Who are refresher driving lessons suitable for?
These lessons are designed with the individual in mind, but refresher driving lessons can only be completed by those who have already passed their driving test and secured a full UK driving licence. Whether you passed your test years ago, haven’t driven for several years, or have lost confidence in your driving as a result of an accident, a refresher plan from Beverly Slater will soon bring back your confidence with driving, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe on the roads.

Our refresher driving plans are suitable for a number or people:
• Those who have had their confidence knocked after an accident
• Those who have spent time away from driving and feel they need a refresh
• Passed your test some years ago and feel you would benefit from some lessons to remind yourself of various driving skills you may have forgotten or not utilised.

Whatever your age, you may just feel like you need a little helping hand, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s extremely sensible to refresh your knowledge of driving to ensure you’re always safe on the road.

Refresher lessons after a car accident
Having an accident on the road can be a terrifying experience, and whether it was just a small bump or a larger crash then it’s essential you don’t let it put you off driving. Whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s, getting back on the road and re-learning to gain confidence can help to calm even the most nervous of drivers. If you wish, we can take you through the whole course again, filling any gaps and boosting your confidence or we can take the time to go over what makes you nervous specifically, and work on it until you’re feeling confident.

Refresher lessons years after passing your test
Another reason for taking a refresher driving course is that you may have passed your test some time ago but lacked funds for a car. By the time you have the funds together, you may have forgotten all you know, and this can be a very scary thing to face. Thankfully, taking a driving refresher course is easy. We can take into consideration the lessons you’ve had and see where there may be gaps in your knowledge. Then, we can tailor a plan around your specific needs and provide our best advice to give you the confidence and skills needed to drive safely again.

Refresher lessons from Beverly Slater
Refresher lessons from Beverly Slater can be tailored to suit your type of vehicle, and your previous experience with driving. Don’t wait any longer to refresh your knowledge – book a course of refresher lessons with Beverly Slater and get yourself back on the road.

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