How to Stay Safe When Using Your Car During Quarantine


Whilst the pandemic continues, travelling in your car requires extra thought & consideration. Despite there being less cars on the road, you could easily break down or have an accident – this could result in people coming out to help you whilst risking their own health.

Stay Safe If You Must Drive

In day to day life you will no doubt take countless safety measures both in general and when on the road, but it is now even more important to be careful when in your car during this difficult period. If you do have to get into your car, here are some top tips that could potentially save lives:

Wash your hands before getting in your car and after exiting your car – use alcohol gel if it is not possible to use soap and water.

Ensure that the only people who enter the car are family members from the household you have all been living in. If you need to collect something from inside of your vehicle, make sure it is you and only you that does this, so that there are always as few people as possible entering the vehicle.

If you share your car with another owner, it is pivotal that you wipe the handles, steering wheel, and all the other things that you will be using your hands to touch inside the vehicle. To do this, you can use soap and water or even use disinfectant.

Only get into your vehicle at times when you know that the roads won’t be very busy – if possible stay away from driving during working hours due to the fact that keyworkers could be travelling to and from work or they could be driving on their shift.

It is essential that you only fill up fuel if it is absolutely necessary. It is extremely unsafe to drive with not much fuel – therefore, you must fill your tank right to the top when you go to the petrol station. This means that you will, then have to go to the petrol station far less frequently. The coronavirus can spread quickly at petrol stations because the pumps are touched by different people that are coming and going all day. One way you can avoid this is by using disposable gloves and using contactless methods to pay for your fuel.

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