How A Pass Plus Course May Benefit You


A Pass Plus course with a driving instructor at Beverly Slater Driving School offers a number of benefits for our students who have already passed their official driving test. This DVLA created and approved course allows you to gain advanced driving skills which will help you to tackle a variety of driving situations. Particularly those which you may not have encountered during your learner driving lessons, such as motorway driving and harsh weather conditions. We often find those who have passed their driving test are still relatively nervous or un-easy about the concept of independent driving. If this is the situation you currently find yourself in, a Pass Plus course could be just what you need! Here’s why…

What does a Pass Plus course include?

At Beverly Slater, we will discuss with you what it is you would like to gain from completing a Pass Plus course. So, the structure of this course can vary slightly from driver to driver. However, there are 6 modules to cover, which were created by the DVLA. These modules cover the following:

  • Driving in a town
  • Various weather conditions for driving
  • Driving on rural roads
  • Nighttime Driving
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Motorway Driving

These will all be practical sessions which have been designed to boost your confidence as a driver. There is no test or exam at the end of a Pass Plus course, so there is certainly no need to be nervous. To complete the course, you will be assessed throughout the process by one of our highly trained driving instructors. Typically, this course will consist of 6 hours of practical lessons, so it is considerably shorter than your learner driver lessons.

The benefits of a Pass Plus course

A Pass Plus course is purely designed with new drivers in mind. Therefore, there are many benefits this course can offer you. Including:

A boost in confidence

The course will carry over the knowledge you have learnt as a learner driver and allow you to use these in new driving situations, or circumstances which you feel uneasy with. Along the way your instructor will offer their handy tips and advice for managing driving scenarios which would make you feel nervous behind the wheel. As you develop your experience within these scenarios, you will complete your Pass Plus course feeling much more confident as a qualified driver.

Increased road safety

With this knowledge, your road safety will also increase. Allowing you to keep both yourself and your passengers safe but also other road users. We believe, with more and more students completing a Pass Plus course, the country’s roads will inevitably be safer.

Pass Plus Insurance Discounts

Once you have completed Pass Plus course, there is the potential your car insurance provider could offer a discount. Resulting in a nice deduction in your monthly or annual premiums. As a young driver, you will almost certainly be aware of just how expensive car insurance can be for new drivers. With a Pass Plus certificate you may be able to save yourself some money. Always check with your provider first to determine if they offer this type of discount.

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