How To Stay Calm During Your Driving Test


For many people nerves can certainly get the better of them. On an important day like your driving test, this is no surprise. Nerves are to be expected. When sitting behind the wheel however, you want to be as calm as you possibly can be to ensure the safety of yourself, your passenger, and other road users. So how exactly should you remain calm during your driving test? Here are some of our top tips!

Driving test preparation

Preparing yourself for the big day ahead is really important in being able to manage your nerves. Once you know everything is organised and you are aware of all that will be happening throughout the test day, you can feel relaxed. Your preparation could be as simple as eating a hearty breakfast the day of your test and planning a comfortable outfit, with shoes you are able to drive in. At Beverly Slater driving school, our instructors are trained in helping nervous students. If you are concerned about your test, we can go over everything you feel worried about before your test day. You will also be able to book a lesson with your instructor before your test to ensure all your knowledge is fresh in your mind.

Keep your diary clear

To keep a clear focus on your driving test, we recommend leaving the rest of your daily schedule clear, if this is possible. This gives you ample time to prepare and will prevent you worrying or thinking about anything else you may need to do on this important day.

Keep your driving test date a secret

If you are feeling the pressure of having to pass, it may be useful to keep your test date a secret from your friends. Often young people, when learning to drive over a similar time period to their friends, will feel pressure to pass first time like others. This added pressure will only make you more nervous. There is no harm in keeping your test a secret until after you have completed It. This way you will not be worried about receiving a reaction from others if you do not pass.

Focus on your driving

Try to place your focus on the road and driving the car, not on the examiner and their marking. Although it is tempting to take a peek at the examiner’s marking, this will only add pressure and take away your attention from your driving. If your examiner needs to inform you of any important points they will do so. Be sure to listen to their directions carefully and pay attention to any of their questions.  

A top tip: It is sometimes reassuring for learners to pretend you are doing a mock test and to imagine your instructor in the passenger seat, instead of the examiner. By keeping your eyes on the road, as you should be, there won’t be much time to pay attention to what your examiner is doing or thinking.

For those of our learners at Beverly Slater Driving School in preparation for your tests – we wish you the best of luck! And don’t forget – Stay Calm During Your Driving Test!

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