How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Cold Weather 

As the temperature drops and we move well and truly into British winter weather, there are a few things you need to do to your vehicle in order to keep it functioning properly. Preparing your vehicle for cold weather is essential to its performance, so if you’re a new driver and haven’t driven in cold weather before, here’s what you should know.

Check your antifreeze system

Antifreeze or otherwise known as engine coolant is a vital part of your car’s cooling system. This system allows your car to function properly all year round, especially in the winter months when the weather drops to freezing temperatures. 

In order to prepare your car for winter, you’re going to need some antifreeze to ensure your car’s cooling system is in proper working order. 

Check your battery

Another thing about cold weather is that it can be particularly challenging for car batteries. Ensure your battery is in good condition by checking its charge and connections. Consider replacing an old battery before winter if you know it’s on its last legs.

Examine your tyres

Another thing you should do to ensure your car is prepared for winter weather is to examine your tyres and take the correct measures. If you live in a more rural area that’s prone to heavy snowfall, consider changing to winter tyres. 

It’s important to inspect your tyres for tread wear and proper inflation. Ensure your tyres are at their optimum level of inflation and adhere to the legal safety standards. 

Check the heater and defroster

In  preparation for the cold winter weather, it’s important to check your vehicle’s heater and defrosting systems are working properly. You should check the defroster too, to ensure it can clear frost and condensation from the windows. 

Pack an emergency kit

If you’re planning to go on a longer trip this winter, it’s important to pack an emergency kit just in case you get lost or break down in the cold. You should include items such as: blanket, extra clothing, non-perishable snacks, a flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a basic toolkit. You should also include a warning triangle and a fire extinguisher too, as this alongside a first aid kit is compulsory to have in your vehicle in the UK.

If you’re feeling nervous about driving in extreme weather conditions such as snowfall, the team at Beverly Slater can help. We offer a pass plus course that can teach drivers to navigate the road in adverse conditions and boost their confidence. 

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