How to Drive Safely at Night 


Driving at night is something many drivers dread. Especially new drivers! You rely heavily on your headlights and can’t see your surroundings as well as you can during the day. This is one of the reasons why many accidents occur in winter, as drivers and pedestrians can sometimes be unaware of each other. This makes driving in the dark a stressful experience for some drivers, as the paranoia increases. 

If you’re someone who’s afraid of driving in the dark then just know you’re not alone. It’s a common feeling among drivers in the UK. At Beverly Slater we aim to boost the confidence of our driving students and ensure they can drive confidently at night. The following are some tips to follow when you find yourself driving in the dark.

Ensure your lights are working properly 

The Highway Code states you must have two working headlights in order to drive, especially at night. You can face a fine and points off your licence if you’re pulled over by the police without proper working headlights. For safety and legal purposes, it’s important to always check your lights are working adequately. 

Regular checks on your car is important. Ensure your tyres are at optimum pressure, your mirrors are positioned correctly, and your headlights work effectively before you begin travelling at night. 

Stick to the speed limit

Speeding can happen easily, and it’s unfortunately a common mistake that many drivers make. However, it’s imperative that you abide by the speed limit when driving, especially at night. Since the risk of accidents increases during night-time hours, it’s crucial you don’t go over the limit. 

If you’re speeding it’s much harder to come to a stop when you need to. In the dark it’s harder to spot vulnerable cyclists, children, and other pedestrians. This makes sticking to the speed limit all the more important at night.

Never look directly at another vehicles headlights 

When on the road, it’s important to avoid looking directly at another vehicle’s headlights. This is because the glare of them could disorient you and make you lose your concentration. This, of course, is dangerous and can make you panic, which is never ideal. 

Take a pass plus course 

Here at Beverly Slater, we offer what’s called a Pass Plus course to help new drivers. Our pass plus courses are designed to boost your confidence and help you navigate tricky situations on the road. You don’t have to be a new driver to sign up either, it’s perfect for any driver who needs a confidence boost. 

Our pass plus courses target night driving, driving in harsh weather conditions, and motorway driving. If this interests you then do not hesitate to contact our team today for more information. 

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