Driving in Big Cities: Tips for New Drivers


Big cities can be a hugely daunting task for new drivers. The inner roads of cities, like Manchester, can be very busy, particularly in the centre where you will come across buses, cars, taxis, trams, and pedestrians. It can be an overwhelming experience. As the big cities start to open up again, saying goodbye to lockdown restrictions, we thought this would be the perfect time to offer some of our tips for your excursions into your local city centre.

Our tips for new drivers

Be Prepared

Planning your journey, where you will park, and ensuring you know the best route to your destination will help to ease your nerves and build your confidence driving around inner cities. Entering a large city unaware of the congestion charges, traffic regulations and speed limits can make the experience stressful. Having prior knowledge of your route will certainly make you feel more comfortable and confident navigating these busier routes. With the inner cities usually congested, it is also a great idea to leave yourself plenty of time, so that you are not in a rush.

Drive Calmly and Observe

This may be easier said than done; keeping calm in inner cities will make driving a lot easier. Panicking will only affect your driving and could lead to getting lost, distracted, and causing a danger to other road users. If staying calm means taking it slow or removing distractions like turning off your radio – we very much recommend doing so. Safe driving is your priority. Remember to stay observant and aware of the vehicles and potential hazards around you; do not neglect your mirrors.

Do Not Panic if You Miss a Turning

Missing a turning is not the end of the world. Most inner cities are well connected, and an alternate route will be found. Alternatively, give yourself some time, pull over in a safe space, and find a safe way to head back on yourself.

Be Aware of Other Road Users

Cities are full of experienced road users, with bus drivers and taxi drivers knowing the city like the back of their hand, they can sometimes be frightening to approach as a new driver. Take it slow, check your mirrors, and follow the highway code. It is best to avoid crossing into the lane of other road users, giving little warning. Remember to leave space and indicate so they are aware of your movements.

Refresher Lessons with Beverly Slater

The pandemic has kept us inside for much longer than anyone could have anticipated, so you may have passed your test some time ago but have since been unable to get out on the road as a pink license holder. Taking to the roads on your own can be daunting. That is why, at Beverly Slater, we offer refresher driving lessons. These lessons can be tailored to you! Maybe you have lost your confidence with driving or feel as though you are not quite ready to take on the big motorways and roads around inner cities. Get in contact with us at Beverly Slater and we can tailor the refresher lessons to suit your experience and address your worries.

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