Can Driving Lessons Be Cancelled Due To Weather?


For many learner drivers and their guardians, the road to obtaining a driver’s licence is filled with anticipation, excitement, and, understandably, a bit of nervousness too! One significant concern that often surfaces, especially in regions of the UK prone to extreme weather conditions, is whether driving lessons can be cancelled due to bad weather, and if so, what steps should be taken next? 


In this blog post, we will explore what qualifies as bad weather, and provide guidance on what you can do if your scheduled driving lessons are cancelled due to adverse conditions.

What counts as bad weather? 

While a light rain won’t disrupt your scheduled driving lessons, several weather conditions are considered severe enough to warrant cancellation for safety reasons. These include: 

Heavy rainfall: Intense downpour reduces visibility and makes roads slippery, which poses a risk to inexperienced drivers, as well as other road users.

Snow and ice: Snowy and icy roads can lead to accidents, especially for experienced learner drivers. For safety reasons your lessons will be cancelled.

Thunder and lightning: Lightning storms pose a risk due to the heavy rainfall that accompanies it. If there is a predicted thunderstorm at the time of your driving lesson, it may be cancelled.

High winds: Strong winds can be particularly dangerous for drivers, risking control of the vehicle. 

Fog: Dense fog significantly reduces visibility, making it difficult for all drivers to see road signs, signals, and other vehicles. This is why cancelling lessons in these conditions is a must.

These conditions don’t just challenge the learner; they are also a risk to the instructor and other road users. Hence, driving schools like ourselves often err on the side of caution.

What to do if your lessons are cancelled

If your driving lessons are cancelled due to bad weather then there are several steps to be taken. Below are the following things you should do if you’re scheduled for driving lessons during adverse weather conditions

Check your driving school’s policy

Most driving schools will  have a detailed policy regarding the cancellation of lessons due to bad weather. Familiarising yourself with these policies can provide insight into how cancellations and the rescheduling of lessons are handled.

Stay in communication

Keep the lines of communication open with your driving instructor or the driving school. They can provide real-time updates on the situation and advise you on the next steps. Sometimes, the weather may clear up sooner than expected, allowing for the possibility of still having the lesson as planned.
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