5 Helpful Tips For New Drivers


When you pass your driving test and the initial excitement wears off, you may find yourself nervous to take on the road again, especially by yourself! Don’t fret. At Beverly Slater, we’re here to offer advice to new drivers navigating the road by themselves for the first time. Remember, you passed for a reason, so you’re more than capable. Here we have created 5 top tips to bear in mind.

5 Tips for New Drivers:

Plan your route beforehand

Confidence is crucial when you’re driving, so being confident in where you’re going is a great way to prepare for the road. Check on a map to find a route you’re most comfortable taking and if you have a satnav, make sure you’ve entered your destination properly to avoid any mishaps. Preparation can calm your anxieties and nerves before you even get into the car, so it’s definitely worth considering!

Become the designated driver

To gradually get yourself used to driving without your instructor, start off with smaller journeys. It’s important as a new driver to not overwhelm yourself with a long road trip- even if it’s tempting! Start by driving down the road next time you need to go to Tesco, or offer your family a lift to work one day. Either way, the only way to build your confidence is to simply get out there and drive. 

Take an experienced driver with you

If you’re not ready to take on the road alone just yet, there’s nothing wrong with that. We advise you to offer your passenger seat to a family member or friend who knows how to drive. Having someone there to reassure you that you’re doing well can do a lot for your confidence as a new driver.

Keep up to date with the rules

This may sound obvious, but keeping up to date with the highway code is so important for road safety. The highway code is always being updated so make sure you check what’s changed so you don’t make any mistakes. If you’re unsure about anything, check the highway code to find all the answers you may need. Also, it’s common sense to stick to the speed limit so make sure you do! Always check for signs declaring the speed limit so you know to drive accordingly. Following the rules is crucial not just for new drivers, but for every driver.  

Take a pass plus course with Beverly Slater

Our pass plus lessons are designed for new drivers such as yourself. Pass plus aims to boost the confidence of new drivers and tackle any driving fears you may have such as taking on the motorway, driving during bad weather, and night driving. Get in touch today if this sounds like it’s for you.

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