3 Reasons To Consider Automatic Driving Lessons


If you struggle to learn to drive in a manual vehicle, driving an automatic is the perfect solution. Crucial differences make learning to drive an automatic car simpler to master, significantly impacting how confident you feel behind the wheel. Here’s what you need to know about automatic before you begin your automatic driving lessons.

After all, the more comfortable you feel behind the wheel, the better you will cope with learning and managing your car. An automatic vehicle means no clutch and gear change challenges while mastering the many other aspects involved to pass your driving test. So it may be easier for you to become a safe, confident driver.

Don’t get on with a manual vehicle or see a need to master the extras

Lack of confidence and nervousness about getting behind the wheel is one of the biggest concerns that cause learner drivers to quit. Perhaps you tried a manual vehicle and found it difficult or maybe haven’t had the confidence even to try. Here at Beverley Slater Driver Training, we offer automatic driving lessons that our many successful students know have made driving a real possibility.

No clutch or manual gear changing remove stalling worries

Adjusting to driving an automatic vehicle is shockingly easy. Whether you have driven a manual car before or are perfectly capable of learning to drive a manual car but choose not to, many practical or personal reasons make learning in an automatic vehicle the right choice for many. Stalling is a real confidence basher, but driving an automatic car avoids it, so you immediately have one less issue! Health, anxiety, or even lack of ability can make automatics the difference between driving success and failure. Hills and heavy traffic can be more straightforward with an automatic too.

Better control of your car

Less to think about leaves you free to focus. You will feel more in control and better able to concentrate on the other skills required to drive safely and confidently.

Manual cars can leave some drivers feeling they don’t have enough hands everywhere, especially when first learning. Choosing automatic driving lessons removes worry over changing gear, finding the biting point or stalling, making it easier on you. Automatic vehicles have no such difficulties, making them perfect for those unsure or nervous.

Whatever your reason our lessons will give you all that you require. Automatic driving lessons simplify many learning aspects and can make driving a real possibility for even the most nervous learner. Our experienced, caring driving instructors are here with all the help you need to get on the road in the shortest possible time. 

We support you through the entire process. You still benefit from our theory test teaching techniques and the same care and commitment. We get you driving confidently, as safely and quickly as possible. 

Why not explore the opportunities we offer? The sooner you start, the sooner you can open up the opportunities being a driver affords.

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